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ReGen Ventures backs founders daring to build the companies that will restore our planet. We are an early-stage venture fund that invests globally in technology-enabled, demand-driven startups that enable whole systems transformation that improves every aspect of our lives for the better: what we eat, what we wear, where we live, what we build, how we move around, etc.

ReGen Ventures is catalyzing this paradigm shift with regenerative technologies, which go above and beyond sustainability to actively reverse accumulated negative effects. Regeneration restores, heals, and contributes additional value to ecosystems. In fact, it expands the potential of a system. The result is accelerating positive feedback loops that create antifragile systems. 

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We fundamentally believe that backing the next generation of entrepreneurs - harnessing the power of science, technology, and biology to create a future where humans and nature live in harmony with one another - is the single greatest investment opportunity of our lives.

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ReGen backs founders daring to build the companies that will restore our planet.


Hi, I'm Parker! I work at a venture capital fund called ReGen Ventures and write about all things related to the regenerative economy.
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Managing Partner, ReGen Ventures
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